Born, 1983 Montreal, Canada.

Lives in United Kingdom.



2006     Norwich School of Art & Design (BA Fine Art, first class Hons.)

1983-Present     The rest...


Solo Exhibitions

2013     anechoic-vibrations. Studio 3, Black Swan Arts, Frome. (click here for images)

2010     New Works. The Parlour, Frome, Somerset

2008     View-Point. OUTPOST, Norwich


2008     What have I got to do with it? Atelier Baztille, Netherlands. (press release)

2006     The Idiosyncratic, N.S.A.D. Norwich.

Group Exhibitions

2013 When Analog was Periodical, curated by Anthony Antonellis and Lorna Mills. 2012     MFP National Open 2012. Motorcade/FlashParade, Bristol

2012     Dystopia, an offsite exhibition by The Tool Shed, Frome. info and images.

2011     Pop 2.0 at Forward Space, The Old Church School, Frome.

2011     Totem-Body, Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras Church, London.

2011     POP! Pop up gallery, catherine hill, frome.

2011     Four and Twenty, Rook Lane Arts, Frome.

2010     2020 magazine: collected visions, Madame Lillie's Gallery, Stoke, London.

2009     Mark Karasick & Tristan Stevens, Black Swan Arts, Frome, UK.

2009     ACHROMAT Gallery, Brighton, UK.

2007     'Furze and Whin.' James Barnsly and Tristan Stevens, Christies, Frome, Somerset.

2006     Degree Show, N.S.A.D.

2005     51a Gallery, Upper St.Giles, Norwich.

2005     Group Show, Blackfriars, Norwich.

2004     Hans Brinker Budget Trophy Award Exhibition, Amsterdam NL.

2003     Open House Exhibition, St. Margaret's Church, Norwich.


2012     Cover artwork for the Nordic Giants, single release of 'Shine' (feat. Cate
             Ferris) (cover)

2012     Artist for music video of Nordic Giants 'Shine'. (video)


2012     Uppercase Magazine, Issue #13. (Visit site)

2011     Stop Sharpening Your Knives (4). (Visit site)

2009     Stop Sharpening Your Knives (3). (Visit site)

2008     Drawings in 20x20 Magazine, Issue 1, London. (Visit site)

2008     Paintings in Ninja Magazine Issue 5, Paris. (Visit site)

2005     Drawing in Context by Original Projects, Outpost Gallery edition. 



2007     Atelier BaZtille, Netherlands.

"Integral to the process of Tristan's earlier paintings were the landscapes in which his re-occurring images began to take shape. Stevens' work during his undergraduate studies often involved the meticulous application of coloured washes onto materials ranging from gesso and oil to glitter and spit. This process was so meticulous that the figures he depicted as inhabiting his landscapes often seemed (in terms of process) secondary. In reality the figuration was just more immediate, a stream of friends waxing and waning from the psyche like tics. "
Simon Davenport, 2008.


“I must create my own system or be enslaved by another mans.”
-William Blake


"I could say they are a lot of different things about my work, such as arcytypes of my psyche or referencing symbols of mythology, all that shambles. These are all influencing me, from everyday occurrences to the stuff I read or learn about. It's just a big kettle (my head) a store of information and sometimes I use them to create the pictures. I used to get concerned with not being able to explain what my images are about, but more recently it has come clear that they don't need to be explained. They are the freshest way of creating work from the unconscious, that perhaps says more than if I were to be sure of what I am creating by using my ego. Bacon and Guston, they were very good at describing what they were about, but I think they didn't have a clue what they were doing.
Perhaps rather than self-portraits they are indescribable events hoping to be told."

(From an interview with OUTPOST gallery UK, 2008.)




I enjoy other peoples interpretations of my work, rather than my own.





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